Why The Ukulele is Just Right

A cute cartoon that shows why the ukulele is the happiest stringed instrument of them all.



Ukulele Satisfaction

After a bout of antarctic weather, Cold and Flu season has struck in Melbourne.  We need some ukulele fun to cheer us up as we sneeze and cough.  Here’s that lovely little Japanese band, U900 to make us smile and forget the winter aches and pains.


Bayside Ukes

Ten Good Reasons for Playing the Ukulele

  1. The Uke makes even a sad song sound cheerful
  2. You can own many Ukes and they won’t take up a lot of space
  3. Because it is so light, you can play the Uke for hours without getting backache
  4. You can play the Uke in the middle of the night without disturbing your neighbors
  5. You can take a Uke on a plane without needing to book an extra seat
  6. A Uke is easy to hide before playing in a Flash Mob and while fleeing the scene
  7. You can play a Uke anywhere: up a tree; on a raft; while dancing; even in Space

8. If you are bopping to the music you won’t whack the person next to you in the face because the Uke has a short neck

9. You can do a speech as a Uke song.  It makes this less painful for both you and the audience

10. If you play the Uke you belong to a worldwide community of fellow ukers and you need never play alone

So make the most of your Uke. It is such a versatile instrument


Bayside Ukes member

Happy Holidays

Now the Easter break is upon us it is time to get in the holiday spirit and kick back, relax and play your ukulele.  Gracie Allen had the right idea in the 1939 movie Honolulu.  In this clip she is playing her ukulele and singing the song “Honolulu” to Eleanor Powell.  It then gets really crazy and they go “tapping” all over the deck.  So Hollywood but great fun.

Happy Holidays.

Bayside Ukes

Start Your Working Day With a Ukulele Song

Play your ukulele on Monday the 14th March to celebrate the Labour Day Holiday in Victoria.

We have the Eight Hour Movement of 1856 to thank for introducing the eight hour day to Victoria.  The group advocated 8 hours of work, 8 hours of recreation and 8 hours of rest.  So let us celebrate those 8 hours of recreation that gives us the time and energy to play our ukuleles.

In 2015 a happy ukulele song really brightened up the morning journey to work for these commuters in Perth, Australia. What a great way to start the working day.

So get out there and play your ukulele.

Happy Labour Day, Melbourne and Victoria.


Bayside Ukes Member