Ukulele Lesson: The Boom Dit-ty Strum

Here’s another great strum to add to your repertoire. Ukulele Zen’s Stuart Fuchs gives a helpful lesson and demonstration of the “Boom Dit-ty” strum. It’s good to be able to put a name to this familiar strum, which can be used in lots of songs.


Ukulele Lesson: Swinging the Beat

Swinging the beat can really improve your ukulele strumming style. For those who want to develop their playing technique here is a simple and clear lesson on this method by Katie DeNure.


Left Hand Finger Dexterity Exercise: Ukulele Mike

Scales can often seem a chore but Ukulele Mike demonstrates a relatively simple exercise that will strengthen and improve the flexibility of your left-hand fingers.  This looks like an exercise that will make a difference while being easy to learn for beginners and for those with less flexible hands.