How do YOU practice Ukulele?

Daily I hear you respond; alas that is my aim but not my reality.  However I do have a Ukulele practice plan that works well for me.  I have 5 steps which last around 5 minutes each, these are very loose time frames as each practice session goes for 30 – 40 minutes.

Step 1. Finger Warm Up:
Using all 4 fingers I work my way up the strings.  Starting on the A string I play the first fret (index finger) second fret (middle finger) third fret (ring finger) and little finger on the fourth fret.  I then move my index finger to the second fret of the E string and again play 4 frets.  I do this on all 4 strings and then work my way back again.

Place 4 fingers anywhere on the A string and then move them one at a time onto the E string/C string/G string.  I do this one at a time and also by twos and threes. Moving the middle finger and little finger in unison is a challenge.  I have heaps of these made up finger workouts.

Step 2. Simple songs.
Choose songs with a maximum of 3 chords.  These I play and sing, making sure to hold a steady rhythm and not to look down at the Ukulele.

Step 3. Strumming and fingerpicking.
Some strums I cannot do unless I am thinking Down/Down/ Up/Down/Up or whatever.  I do not worry about the chords but just do the strum and sing at the same time, with the aim of trying to make the strums more automatic.  I practise any of the fingerpicking in our songs and have downloaded practice fingerpicking exercises from the internet.  This is where I also practice barre chords.

Step 4. Single Song that needs work.
This could be a group song or just one I am working on myself.  I start by playing the chords through.  I play the song and the moment I hesitate is where I start.  I play that piece over and over. The aim being to get through the piece without any hesitation.

Step 5. Play pieces I like playing.
Often this will include a new piece, some familiar ones and always some chord melodies.

What do you do?

Bayside Uke Member