10 Reasons Why Ukes and Puppies Don’t Always Mix

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  1. It is difficult to play your ukulele with a sleeping puppy on your lap.
  2. You can find one string is missing when you are restringing your ukulele.
  3. When you leave your ukulele clip-on tuner next to you on the sofa it will be stolen by your puppy and found in pieces.
  4. It is not safe to leave your ukulele unattended with a teething puppy.
  5. It is impossible to record yourself playing your ukulele when your puppy howls every time you press the record button.
  6. It is impossible to play the ukulele with a jealous puppy pulling on your trouser leg.
  7. It is impossible to play the ukulele in a comfortable chair while your puppy jumps on you repeatedly and stampedes around the room.
  8. It is difficult to play the ukulele while your puppy gives you the sad-eyed treatment and drops a ball at your feet.
  9. It is difficult to leave the house with your ukulele case because your puppy keeps trying to block your exit.
  10. You know you have a problem when you leave your replacement ukulele tuner on a coffee table and find it has been eaten by your puppy and the remains have been taken into the garden for burial.

Note:  No puppy was harmed from the ingestion of a battery, or performing any of the above actions.

Kat and Zilla

Bayside Ukes Members