10 Reasons Why Ukuleles and Dogs Mix

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  1. Dogs do not remain puppies forever and leave your ukulele and tuner alone.
  2. Dogs want to share in the fun with you and your ukulele.
  3. Dogs love to sit with you while you are playing your ukulele.
  4. Dogs are music lovers and make a great audience.
  5. Dogs wag their tails in time with the music.
  6. Dogs sing along when you hit those high notes.
  7. Dogs never criticize your performance.
  8. Dogs do not care what genre of music you play.
  9. Dogs never tell you to be quiet and stop playing that uke.
  10. Dogs know that when you have finished your practice you will take them for a walk.

Note:  The above dog was well rewarded for taking part in this post.


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